Network Perspectives

What impact do you hope the PE-CGS Network will help make?

The overall purpose of the PE-CGS Network is twofold: (1) To promote and support direct engagement of diverse groups of underrepresented cancer patients and survivors as active participants in cancer research; and (2) To address gaps in our knowledge of genomics in rare or highly lethal cancers, cancers with high disparities, and cancers in understudied populations.





Additional Events and Opportunities

Upcoming events

2024 PE-CGS Annual Meeting

The 2024 PE-CGS Annual Meeting will be held at the Eric P. Newman Education Center in St. Louis, Missouri. We hope many people can attend in person, but a hybrid option will also be available. To accommodate travel time, the meeting will start at 8 am CT on Tuesday, October 8 and end at 5:30 pm CT on Wednesday, October 9.

Funding & Opportunities

Administrative Supplement for Research & Capacity Building Efforts Related to Bioethical Issues

NIH, through the Office of Science Policy, is announcing the availability of administrative supplements to support research on bioethical issues that either inform future policy directions or augment bioethics research capacity. Areas of interest include: digital health and/or real-world data; patient and community engagement; return of results for individuals, families, communities, and/or society; and data sharing. Applications will be accepted until 5:00 pm (local time) on April 1. Learn more about the administrative supplement here

Multi-Sectoral Preventive Interventions Research Network to Address Social Determinants of Health in Populations that Experience Health Disparities

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Disease Prevention (ODP) and participating Institutes, Centers, and Offices are seeking applications for a new collaborative research network to test multi-sectoral preventive interventions for health conditions in populations that experience health disparities. Applications are due August 5, 2024.

  • PAR-24-053: This research network funding opportunity encourages UG3/UG3 research project applications that intervene beyond the individual level and collaborate with two or more service sectors (e.g., health, housing, transportation, education). Learn more about this funding opportunity here
  • RFA-OD-24-006: The coordinating center funding opportunity encourages U24 applications that propose activities in administration, methodology, and community engagement. Learn more about this funding opportunity here